A native of Northern California, I currently reside in New York City where I perform and teach classical/modern guitar and lute. I create programs that span several style periods and highlight rare works as well as established favorites. I am regularly engaged as an ensemble player, most recently with the New York-based Renaissance group, Ensemble Musica Humana, on vihuela and lute; on baroque guitar and theorbo with Sinfonia Spirituosa, based in Sacramento, California; and with soprano, Dr. Kathleen O'Rourke, in Duo Raccontare. 


Image: SBU Libraries

While I perform music from the Medieval through Modern eras, my teaching is informed by my interest in this music. Motivations for using the guitar (and other plucked-strings) in ensemble and solo settings is rooted in a preference for variety of sound, timbre, and interpretation. My students likewise become excellent collaborative musicians, comfortable in many settings.

I teach with a concern for the total development of the student; rather than strictly adhering to pre-determined "markers" of development, I first meet the student where they are and work with each individual to reach for realistic and ambitious musical goals.

I have lectured at California State University Northridge and Yuba Community College in California. I currently teach at the Great Neck Music Conservatory on Long Island, Brooklyn Guitar School and New York City Guitar School. I hold a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Stony Brook University . I received scholarships to study with Jerry Willard at Stony Brook as well as Drs. Steven Thachuk and Richard Savino within the California State University.   

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With Ensemble Musica Humana. ​Pictured left to right: Laura Osterlund, Lidia Chang, Dr. Corrine Byrne.

Image: Ron Ploeg